Robert Cox

South West Chef of the Year 2017

Head Chef, Tudor Farmhouse, Clearwell, Gloucestershire


Mep components

3x thick asparagus turned at the bottom

10g compound butter

Chicken stock

5 small morels

Truffle egg yolk vinaigrette

Asparagus purée

5x Pain de campagne croutons

5x Pickled shallot rings

Wild garlic flowers

Red mustard frills


Compound butter

250g butter unsalted

50g fine brunoise shallot

1 clove garlic grated microplane

20g Dijon mustard

2g chopped chives

1g mushroom powder

Sweat the shallots slowly until cooked then add the garlic and cook for 1 minute, drain and cool

Soften the butter and mix in all ingredients and season with salt

Truffle egg yolk

2 duck egg cooked 65oC for 1.5 hours

Black truffle oil

White wine vinegar


Peel egg down to the yolk and place in a bowl and whisk to a thick purée

Season with the other ingredients to get a balanced flavour

Asparagus purée

1kg asparagus trim finely chopped

250g baby spinach

100g butter

100g cream

Sweat the aspraragus in the butter until soft

Add the spinach and cook through

Place in the blender and separately bring the cream to the boil

Once hot add to the asparagus in the blender and blitz to a fine purée

Pass through a chinoise and season

Cool as fast as possible

Exeter City Council